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  • What is ChatTime?

    ChatTime is the most elegant and amazingly simple way to save money on international calls with great voice quality. It works anytime, anywhere without Wi-Fi and is the only App that offers advanced calling features like time checking for the country you want to call, One-Touch Dialing and control over Caller-ID... all right from the dialpad.

  • Does ChatTime work on all phones?

    Currently ChatTime is only offered on the iPhone.

  • Is ChatTime compatible with the Apple OX 3.x & OS 4.x software?


  • How much does it cost to download?

    The price and currency depends on the country where your iTunes Store is located. The download pricing is:

    USD 0.99
    CAD 0.99
    AUD 1.19
    NZD 1.29
    JPY 115
    Euro 0.79
    GBP 0.59

    Download ChatTime now and make US $1 in calls to anyone for free (that's over 30 minutes of talk time to many common destinations). You can easily add additional calling credit using the In-App purchase feature without having to ever enter your credit card details.

  • Do I need to cancel my existing operators plan?

    No, you must keep your existing operators monthly plan. If you live in a country where incoming calls are free, you can save on your operator costs by reducing the minutes on your monthly plan if you use ChatTime's callback service which converts outgoing calls to incoming calls.

  • Can I use ChatTime if I am a pre-paid customer and don't have a monthly plan from my operator?


  • Can I use ChatTime in any country?

    Yes, but calling options and call charges may vary from country to country.

  • Can I use ChatTime when I am travelling outside my home country?

    Yes, but calling options may be different from your home country and some additional charges may apply. You can also change your SIM card to avoid roaming charges. Anytime you change your SIM card, you must go to More > My Phone Number and update your country and telephone number.

  • Can anyone use ChatTime?

    Anyone with an iPhone can benefit from using ChatTime.

  • How do I get ChatTime?

    Click here to download ChatTime from iTunes.

  • Is ChatTime for inbound and outbound calling?

    ChatTime is currently designed for outbound calling only. Future releases will contain an inbound calling feature.

  • Can I send instant messages?

    ChatTime has been designed for voice calls only. Future release will contain an instant messaging solution.

  • Will inbound calls interrupt outbound calls I make from ChatTime?

    No. This only occurs with VoIP solutions. ChatTime does not use VoIP from the iPhone, if you making an outbound call using ChatTime, inbound calls will not interrupt your call like many popular VoIP solutions.

  • Will using ChatTime reduce my battery life?

    No. Leading VoIP apps drain your battery up to 4 times faster than using the native dialer. Avoid the battery life penalty by using ChatTime.

  • Is ChatTime secure?

    Almost all VoIP apps use the public Internet for sending calls from the iPhone making it easy for anyone to listen in to your phone call. ChatTime leverages the reliability and security of the mobile voice network for placing calls.

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