• The Most Advanced Dialing Options Available

    One-touch Dialing, Caller ID management, edit numbers before dialing, and easily check the time in the country you are about to call.

  • Manage Caller ID

    Set your Caller ID to ON or OFF for each call right from the dialpad – putting you in control of whether the person you are calling will see your phone number or not. (view video)

  • Exceptional Call Quality

    No reliance on Wi-Fi means that you get consistently great call quality, every time and anywhere you want to make a call.

  • Call-back

    In countries that have free incoming calls you can avoid using minutes from your local carriers plan – save on local calls and international calls.

  • Call Anytime, Anywhere

    You don't have to look for a Wi-Fi hotspot and ChatTime works in any country world-wide. Just dial and enjoy the savings and quality knowing that the service is always available.

  • In-App Purchase of Credits

    You don't have to spend time entering your credit card details, you can quickly and easily buy calling credits In-App with your iTunes account.

  • Dial Any Number

    ChatTime can handle any number format as long as the country code is included. Don't worry if you have international numbers saved in your contacts with or without the + or with international prefixes. (view video)

  • Time of Day at Destination

    Forget what time it is half way around the world? Easily check the time in any country around the world, right from the ChatTime dialpad. You'll never call someone in the middle of the night by mistake again. (view video)

  • Unlimited Calling Plans

    Control your costs and enjoy the freedom to talk to whoever, whenever, from anywhere with unlimited calling plans covering up to 59 countries.

  • PAYG

    Our Pay-As-You-Go plan gives you the choice to only pay for the minutes you use. No contracts and low per minute rates.

  • Convenience

    No running around trying to find and configure a Wi-Fi hotspot, no calling card access lines, no headsets, no disrupted calls, no echo and no delay, just exceptional call quality!

  • Edit Numbers before Dialing

    Just received a phone number in email or SMS but it's missing the country code? Simply paste the number into ChatTime and you can easily edit the number right from the dialpad before placing the call. (view video)

  • Direct Dial

    It's easy... simply select a contact or enter the number you want to dial, ChatTime does the rest automatically.

  • Manage Recent Calls

    Only ChatTime lets you selectively delete some of the calls in your Recents list while keeping others. (view video)

  • Single Sign-In

    Login securely using your existing Google, Yahoo! or Facebook account or if you prefer, create a new account with ChatTime. (view video)

  • No Change in Dialing Behavior

    Select your contact and simply call. No need to make any changes to the number before you call.

  • Assigning a Speed Dial

    Dial any of your 9 most important contacts with the press of a single key on the dialpad. (view video)

  • Call Detail Records

    Real-time view into your calling records and the ability to label calls personal or business for expense control.

  • One-touch Redial

    Press the call button to instantly re-dial the last number you called. (view video)

  • No Contracts

    We are confident you will love the service so you have the freedom to choose between pay-as-you-go and month to month subscriptions.

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