• The most advanced dialing options available

    One-Touch Dialing, Caller ID management, edit numbers before dialing, delete recents entries and easily check the time in the country you are about to call.

  • Manage caller ID

    Set your Caller ID to ON or OFF for each call right from the DialPad – putting you in control of whether the person you are calling will see your phone number or not. (view video)

  • Exceptional Call Quality

    No reliance on Wi-Fi means that you get consistently great call quality, every time and anywhere you want to make a call.

  • Save your Carrier Minutes

    In countries that have free incoming calls you can avoid using minutes from your local carriers plan – save on local calls and international calls.

  • Call Anytime, Anywhere

    You don't have to look for a Wi-Fi hotspot and ChatTime works in any country world-wide. Just dial and enjoy the savings and quality knowing that the service is always available.

  • In-App Purchase of Credits

    You don't have to spend time entering your credit card details, you can quickly and easily buy calling credits In-App with your iTunes account.

view video
  • log in
  • dialer
  • call records by contact
  • call records
  • unlimited plans
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