Managing Favorites and Recents

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  • How do I delete a record from my Recents call log?

    In the recents screen, swipe the contact you want to remove and tap the delete button. Alternatively you can press the Edit button and select the contact you want to delete.

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  • How do I add a recent call to my favorites list?

    In the recents screen, select the blue arrow next to the recent call, at the bottom of the new screen select 'Add to Favorites'. Only contacts can be added to Favorites.

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  • How do I edit my favorites list?

    In the favorites screen, click the edit button and then by holding the right side of the contact and sliding it up or down you can change the One-Touch-Dial number assignment. To remove a favorite, simply swipe to delete.

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  • How do I access my call detail records (CDRs)?

    From: More > Call History.

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  • How can I see all my recent call history to a contact?

    In the recents screen, press the blue arrow to the right of a contact, you can then see the time and duration of each call.

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