ChatTime AT&T/Verizon Skype Calling Cards TextFree Viber Google Voice
ChatTime AT&T/Verizon Skype Calling Cards TextFree(Voice) Viber Google Voice
Summary Save money yes no yes yes yes yes yes
Call any phone1 yes yes yes no no no yes
Call without Wi-Fi or 3G data service from anywhere2 yes yes no yes no no no
As easy to use as making a regular call3 yes yes no no no no no
High quality calls, everytime (cellular network based)4 yes yes no no no no no
Dial with any number format5 yes no no no no no no
Use iPhone contacts without manual import or editing yes yes yes no yes yes yes
Purchase credits In-App using your iTunes account yes no no no yes no no
Request support In-App with a 24 hour response guarantee yes no no no no no no
Key Features Incoming calls do not interrupt an existing call6 yes yes no yes no no yes
Destination time check7 yes no no no no no no
Edit numbers from the Dial-Pad8 yes no no no no no no
Favorites yes yes no yes yes yes yes
Easily manage your Caller ID for each call from the Dial-Pad9 yes no no no no no no
Save on international roaming without Wi-Fi or 3G Data10 yes no no yes no no no
Avoid using local carrier minutes (airtime) without Wi-Fi11 yes no no no no no no
Transparent Pricing   No hidden fees and no monthly subscriptions12 yes yes no no yes yes yes
1Calling cards are typically only useful to call a single country. TextFree can only call other TextFree users or US phones. Viber can only call other Viber users
2Call from any country without looking for a Wi-Fi hotspot. Line 2 and Google Voice can place calls without Wi-Fi only from the USA.
3Calling cards are inconvenient to use and top-up, Wi-Fi apps require looking for a hotspot, Line 2 has 3 ways to dial, Google Voice requires new users to visit their website.
4It is impossible to control the quality of Wi-Fi calls (ChatTime uses the cellular network). Calling cards are often poor in call quality. Google Voice quality varies by country.
5ChatTime recognizes any prefix (011, 001, +, 00x, etc) and recognizes local vs international numbers - there is no need to reformat your contact numbers. Skype recognizes some prefixes but not all and does not recognize local numbers.
6If you receive an incoming while using a Wi-Fi app then your call will be disconnected or placed on hold without warning. With ChatTime you can place your call on hold or merge calls. If you are on a Line2 Wi-Fi call you have to decline a regular incoming call to avoid interruption.
7Avoid calling someone in the middle of the night by easily checking the time at any destination you want to call
8Received a phone number in email or SMS but it's missing the country code? You can easily paste the number into ChatTime and edit it before dialing.
9ChatTime let's you turn the display of your phone number ON or OFF for each call you place without having to dial any special codes like AT&T and Verizon.
10ChatTime works in any country globally allowing you to save on roaming as you travel by using Callback or a local pre-paid SIM card in each country.
11To avoid using local carrier minutes with ChatTime you can use Callback (where available) or add ChatTime's local access number to AT&T A-List or Verizon Friends & Family. This is also possible with Google Voice but they change the access numbers regularly making it difficult.
12Skype charges a $.079 connection fee (for USD accounts) for each international call. Calling cards often have connection fees, hang-up fees or play tricks like rounding calls in 3-5 minute increments. Line 2 requires a monthly subscription.
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