Many people don't realize that Skype charges a per call connection fee as shown here. And that per call connection fee is charged at the higher 'outside of the global rate' fee ($.079 per call for USD accounts) unless you happen to be a) in a global rate country and b) calling to a landline in that country. In other words all international calls are charged the higher connection fee. http://forum.skype.com/index.php?showtopic=617233/

The per call connection fee can dramatically increase the cost of a call, let's say you are calling a cheap destination and expect to pay $.029 per minute. However, your friend is not available and their voice mail answers... so you hang-up. For that 1 minute call you will now be charged $.029 + $.079 or $.11. The connection fee made that call 3 times more expensive than you expected.

Calling cards are famous for their hidden fees (hang-up fees, 3-5 minute rounding increments, activation fees, etc.) all of which serve to deliver far less talk time than you paid for.

Even with ChatTime's greater call quality and convenience, our per minute call charges are similar to Skype's rates but with a big difference: no connection fees.