Earn Free Credits

Earn free credits by just inviting friends to ChatTime! Get rewarded with each recommended friend registration and purchase. You receive $5 when your friend make their 1st purchase, your friend receives 20% bonus credit for their 1st purchase. So invite as many friends as you can and accumulate ChatTime credits!

Start inviting friends to earn credits for free international calls on your iPhone and Android!

Here's how Earn Free Credit works...

It doesn't stop there...

Your unique Earn Free Credits URL is emailed with your account information upon your ChatTime registration. In order to get your free calling credit, it is important that your friends click on the link provided in the SMS or email.

Get more free credit by posting your unique Earn Free Credits URL on your Facebook page or Twitter account.

There is no limit to the number of people you can invite or the amount of free credit that you can earn!

Watch this (view video ) on YouTube to see how easy it is to earn Free ChatTime credits, or see the image below

If you are interested in becoming a strategic partner of ChatTime's Earn Free Credit program, please contact us.

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