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Easy to Use, Low Cost Crystal Clear International Calls At Your Fingertips

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Crystal Clear Call Quality

Not relying on data connection means a reliable and consistent call connection, unlike VoIP apps which have inconsistent voice quality (distortion, delays and echoes).


Freedom To Call Any Phone

Call any friends anytime during your spare time even if they are not using ChatTime. It doesn't matter what phone they use or where they are, globally!


Truly Mobile

Absolute freedom to be completely mobile. Whether you are on your way to work or waiting for your next appointment, call your loved ones whenever you have a moment to spare.


Single Contact List

ChatTime puts your existing contacts straight into the app without the need to search and invite friends individually, unlike Skype. ChatTime does not add local access numbers for each contact nor alter how your contacts are displayed.


As Easy As Local Call

Dial your contacts directly without the need to enter PIN codes or look for WiFi hotspots. You can even use Bluetooth® headsets on your calls.


Flexibility With Low Rates

Pay less, talk more. Whether you call occasionally or frequently, choose from our low per minute call rates or find a monthly call plan that suits your needs.


Convenience At Your Fingertips

Easily add credits or manage our account within the app, unlike Skype, there is no need to leave the app and visit a website.


Avoid Local Airtime Charges

Just add ChatTime's local access number to your mobile carrier's Friends & Family program with free calls to your designated local numbers. All calls placed with ChatTime will be free from local call charges!


Use Callback - More Savings

In countries that have free incoming calls you can avoid using minutes from your local carrier mobile plan - save on local calls and international calls.


Dial Any International Number Format

ChatTime handles any phone number format as long as the country code is included. Don't worry if you have international numbers saved in your contacts with or without the + or with international prefixes.


Manage Caller ID

Be in control of your call privacy settings with the option of setting your Caller ID ON or OFF for each call.


Edit Numbers Before Dialing

Got a phone number in email or SMS but missing the country code? Simply paste the number into ChatTime and easily edit the number on the keypad before placing the call.


Local Destination Time and Available Talk Time

Never call someone in the middle of the night by mistake again. Check the local destination time and your available talk time from the keypad.


Assign Speed Dial

Dial any of your 9 most frequent contacts with the press of a single key on the keypad. (view video )


Earn Free Call Credits

Earn free calling credits by introducing your friends to ChatTime. There is no limit to how much you get rewarded. learn more


Fanatical Support

Don't be shy if you have questions. We love to hear from you and it is our pleasure to assist you with any questions, 24/7.

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