Why ChatTime?

Enjoy The Freedom of International Calls to Any Phone Wherever You Are!

Low Cost Calls with Reliable Connection and Excellent Quality.

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Here's Why People Love ChatTime

ChatTime Redefines Low Cost International Calls

ChatTime converts your international call into a local call using the cellular network to connect your call just like regular phone calls.

This process is fast and completely transparent, just dial the way you would when making a regular call but use the ChatTime dialer instead.

Direct Dial

Can I use ChatTime while roaming?

Yes! ChatTime is a great way to easily stay in touch with loved ones while traveling, with great call quality and affordable rates.


The Problems with other solutions...

Alternatively there are calling cards, but they are just a hassle to use and worse they rarely deliver the amount of talk time that you paid for.

See how ChatTime compares to other calling alternatives.
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