Why ChatTime?

Enjoy The Freedom of International Calls to Any Phone Wherever You Are!

Low Cost Calls with Reliable Connection and Excellent Quality.

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Here's Why People Love ChatTime

ChatTime Redefines Low Cost International Calls

ChatTime converts your international call into a local call using the cellular network to connect your call just like regular phone calls.

This process is fast and completely transparent, just dial the way you would when making a regular call but use the ChatTime dialer instead.

Direct Dial

Why would you use ChatTime instead of Wi-Fi calling services?

Wi-Fi calling services like Skype often sound terrible from a mobile phone, the voice delay is frustrating while the echo and distortion can be maddening. Why be limited to a Wi-Fi hotspot while making calls anyway? That just makes your mobile phone, well, no longer mobile and takes away your freedom to make calls while walking around or riding in a car.


The Problems with VoIP Calling (WiFi/3G)

Alternatively there are calling cards, but they are just a hassle to use and worse they rarely deliver the amount of talk time that you paid for.

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